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Inner circulation of coating machine


XT-NTB-300 type internal circulation coating machine is the latest development in our patent product, is a kind of high energy saving coating equipment, than the common coating machine in the same energy 80% production condition, saving equipment covers an area of 80%. Mainly used in lithium batteries of a coating. Can also be used for other strip such as aluminum foil, aluminum foil, plastic film, paper material of paint, glue, stickers and other production. And to continuous strip coating, can also be intermittent coating.
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The lithium ion battery nets piece of coating machine


XT-LWT-500 type lithium ion battery nets piece of glue machine, is my company's patented product, a polymer lithium batteries to power extremely nets glue the new equipment, it has changed the way a nets spraying glue, glue precise width, thickness even, no pollution, save raw materials, in the extremely online at the same time some tape with article, also can simultaneously on the mesh for double-side-glued.

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The double location PET film cleaning equipment


XT-BMC-500 type double-position PET film processor is my company's patent products, to produce lithium-ion polymer battery PET film clean-up process. The water to add additive to PET the way clean film, no pollution, equipped with film flattening institutions, PET film after cleaning has basically been restored to the original state, can use repeatedly many times, greatly saves the cost of production.

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Innovation is driving the cell phone battery industry
Development of the important way

Technology development the market place decided, at present high capacity of the cell phone battery solution is what the market most competitive hot spots, as business cell phone battery, the music cell phone battery...

How to select the suitable for extremely piece
The paste coating method?

Generally choose coating method from several aspects to consider below, including: the coating layer, wet the thickness of the coating, coating fluid rheological properties of the coating precision requirements, coating support body or base material, coating speed, etc...



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